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Tea and a Wychwood Russian Blue kitten

Tea with a 12 week old Wychwood Russian Blue kitten

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My husband has an Oxford degree in biology and specialised in genetics and animal behaviour. He studied Animal Management and Small Population Genetics at the University of Liverpool and has worked extensively in the conservation, showing and breeding of rare breeds of cattle, poultry and sheep. He has over 30 years of experience in animal care practice, and is an animal management and behaviour consultant.

I studied archaeology and anthropology at Oxford and am a free-lance archaeological researcher. I’ve also studied genetics and archaeological fauna, and have an interest in the genetic history of the domestic cat. However, my joy is research into the archaeological data of domestic feline populations in the Northern European region between A.D. 200 and A.D. 1100.

Our decision to introduce a radically new and different standard of Russian Blue into the UK has established our commitment to first  the TICA breed standard, and now the CFA breed standard. I served three years on the TICA Russian Blue Breed Committee, and, together, with other international breeders, Wychwood supports the health and welfare of the breed within the international Russian Blue breeding community. We are dedicated to maintaining the Russian Blue breed as a Blue-only, Short-Hair cat.

Our children are avid cat-lovers, and they contribute to our cats’ healthy development, play-time and socialisation skills. We are based in Oxfordshire, between the cities of Oxford and Swindon, and can help our train or coach-using parents to visit us if you do not have a car. Please email us for any further information, as it is always a pleasure to discuss our cats.

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