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Wychwood Russian Blue Kitten

4 week old Wychwood Russian Blue Kitten

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Our cats live in our home, where their family forms an integral part of ours. Our kittens are lovingly cuddled and handled daily from birth by a variety of dedicated and adoring visitors, and grow up accustomed to general household noises and activities. Our three children ensure a steady stream of eager and careful socialisers, and from the age of four weeks, our friends ensure that they are confident and used to a variety of adults of both genders, with various glasses and assorted facial hair by the time they are ready to leave us. We do not separate our kittens from their mother until she has finished their full upbringing and has finished socialising them, at 13 weeks. This means that our kittens will be fully and confidently weaned, and litter-trained. We do our best to ensure that our babies are in every way prepared to be the heart and soul of your home.


We believe that early acclimatisation to positive car journeys leads to confident, happy adults who are more relaxed for that important trip to the vet! Our kittens’ care-routine includes having their nails clipped, and their ears and eyes cleaned, which means that they are used to being handled and will be more relaxed with the vet.


We never have more kittens than we can give immediate, one-to-one attention to at any one time, and so when you contact us, we may not have kittens immediately available.


We operate a policy of placing our kittens in the home that best suits their temperament, and our kittens are allowed to choose their own families. -Their choice is final!


Wychwood reserves the right to cancel any adoption at any time,  without prior notice, at our discretion, and for any reason. Our decision, which will be based on our care for the welfare of our cat or kitten, is final. We reserve the right to retain the kitten’s deposit to cover the cost of our time and/or travel to your home and/or vet fees.


From the time that you have paid your deposit, we will keep you updated with regular photos, and you will be welcome to visit at regular intervals, so that you can bond with, and socialise your baby. This ensures that they learn to trust and love you whilst in the safety of our home, before we hand deliver them to you.
By adopting one of our babies, you will become a member of the Wychwood Russian Blue family, and we will always delight in hearing how your kitty is doing.
If you ever experience difficulties such that you feel the need to re-home your Russian Blue, please contact us before anyone else. Although we can not refund the cost of your kitten or cat, we will always endeavour to take back and re-home our babies, rather than have them placed in a refuge or shelter.
Our kittens leave us fully litter trained, between 13 and 15 weeks of age. They will be neutered or spayed, fully vaccinated for Calicivirus, Rhinotracheitis and Panleucopaenia. Our kittens and cats have been pronounced parasite free by four separate vets, over a period of several years, and so our vets  do not charge their tiny bodies with toxic chemicals to kill parasites. Our kittens are also be micro-chipped, and each kitten is spayed or neutered before we hand-deliver them to their new homes. They will have a four-generation pedigree which is registered with The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), and their sales contract ownership registration documents for you to register them. We strongly recommend that you take out a “covered for Life” “Premium” Health insurance policy for your kitten, to help with future vet costs. Not having adequate feline health insurance can result in your beloved pet being put to sleep, as vet bills can rapidly exceed £10000 in a single year.
Although we produce pet, show and breeding quality cats, we do not release our kittens to breeding homes.

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