The Gentlemen of Wychwood

The male of any breeding programme is often referred to as the ‘cornerstone’, because he should possess the most desirable qualities of his breed, to pass onto his offspring. We breed to meet the rather exacting standard of points of the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in America, and we take great care to ensure that the Russian Blue males which we include in our breeding programme conform to that description. The American, CFA standard calls for a finer-boned, more gracile Russian Blue than the UK-bred, GCCF standard of Russian Blue. With wider-set ears and rounder eyes, the CFA type of Russian Blue simply captivates with their pale silver, plushy coats and affectionate, outgoing temperaments. For more information about the difference in types of Russian Blue cat, please read our illustrated article.

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Champion Seeneekat’s Nikolai

Niki is the Cat Who Walks by Himself, and all humans are alike to him. He is a literary cat, who gets read Kipling, Lear, and other poems/stories about cats, which he enjoys very much, whilst closing his eyes and pretending to not listen to (unless I stop!).  He is a tender, gentle boy, who loves the lady cats and they adore him. Niki earned his Champion title in CFA, but he prefers a quiet life at home, where he enjoys bird-watching and snoozing in his hammock, as well as games of ping-pong-football at 3am! He has a wonderfully soft, plushy coat which he prefers to not share with anyone other than his most trusted friends, and he gives a playful, inquisitive and affectionate temperament to his kittens, along with his lovely low earset and big, luminous eyes.
Niki is our senior and most mature daddy, and he has been a wonderful uncle to all of our other boys. Amongst his finest qualities are his wonderfully low, wide ear-set, which is the most distinctive (and difficult to achieve!) trait of the CFA standard Russian Blue. He has a lovely luminous eye colour, and a coat of the palest, platinum silver coat much prized by the judges. His quiet, sweet nature has captured a few hearts. Niki loves to eat his crunchies from my fingers, and he is a joy to hand feed each individual crunchy to!  To the perennial questions: “Who’s mummy’s baby?” and “Are you a good boy?” Niki’s responses would be: “What iz boy?” and “Can I haz treat??”

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Champion Wychwood Blue Song

(Photo coming soon)

Blue is our own home-bred boy, who never fails to charm our visitors with his contented, relaxed temperament. He loves to hug us and lick our noses, which is utterly adorable, and he has been charming the CFA judges this season, when he gained his Champion title, impressing them with his scrumptious, plushy coat with lots of silver tipping and wonderful deep green eyes. He has a lovely wide ear-set and has a very refined body type under that thick coat of plush! This boy is such a sweet, affectionate little baby who always greets us with purrs and cuddles, and who gets along with everyone.
It is said that Russian Blue boys are their breeders’ best-kept secrets, and Blue delivers on every account. He really has conquered hearts with his charming and winsome ways, lying back in our arms for belly strokes and generally being the most enchanting companion anyone could ask for. We love him to bits, and are excited for him to make his first kittens soon.
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