Retired gentlemen

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate the love and happiness that our beautiful boys find in their loving new families.

When the time comes for our boys to retire,they get to select their new parents themselves, and, because they live as pets in our family, they adapt really well to their new homes.

First up is the rather gorgeous Flashpaws Limited Edition. Eddy went to live in his new home quite a few years ago, where he was accompanied by his favourite girlfriend, Wychwood Celissenya Celeste. Eddy absolutely adores his new parents, and regularly helps his mum to prepare string beans in summer, and heels his dad around like a little dog! Seni grooms their hair, to ensure that nobody goes bald 😉


Another love story is Inky and Gaia. Gaia went to live with Inky a year after he left us. He was so overjoyed to see her, that he would not let anyone touch her but himself for her first 2 weeks. Their lucky mum describes Gaia as having completed Inky’s happiness. He was happy before, but there always seemed like something was missing. Now that he has Gaia to adore, Inky is the happiest boy in the world.

Wychwood Incantation and Wychwood Gaia Thea

Wychwood Incantation and Wychwood Gaia Thea


The inimitable and world-famous Platina Luna’s Dragon Lance has retired and is quite plainly adored, as well as being much photographed!